Anti-Communist Ballot Cuts Out All but Two

[ The Communist Threat to Canada pamphlet ]

The Communist Threat to Canada pamphlet, Unknown, 1947, Canadian business organizations, like their American counterparts, actively took up the anti-communist theme in pamphlets such as this

Toronto’s Communists took a lacing in the civic elections with Ald. Charles Sims and Trustee Mrs. Edna Ryerson of Ward 5 remaining as the only stooges of Stalin on either city council or board of education.

In his bid for the board of control, [Communist] Stewart Smith held down the fifth and losing place from start to finish. That was expected. But what grieved the straight party men and their fellow travelers most were the setbacks they suffered wherever a Communist candidate ran.

Chief upset came in Ward 4 where Norman Freed, who headed the poll last year, was beaten by Francis Henry (Frank) Chambers. Chambers wound up with 147 votes to spare after trailing nearly all the way. Ald. Nathan Phillips, dean of the council, in being re-elected for his 25th term, took Freed’s old position as No. 1 man.

Ward Five put Sims back, it is true, but though his campaigners rooted out the plumpers, he, too, lost his place as poll leader. Ald. Arthur Frost headed him by nearly 1,600 votes.

On the Board of Education three Communist aspirants fell by the wayside. In Ward Four, where Mrs. Hazel Wigdor, a Commie, retired, Comrade Samuel Walsh took a shellacking. In Ward Six, Mrs. Elizabeth Morton lost her trustee’s post. The only reason that a Communist won in Ward Five was that one had to since there were but three candidates. Harold Menzies, on a straight anti-Red platform, finished well ahead of Mrs. Ryerson.

Source: No author, "Anti-Communist Ballot Cuts Out All but Two," Toronto Globe and Mail, January 2, 1948

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