Pearson Introduces Norman to U.S. Intelligence Agency

November 4th, 1942.

[ So Much in Common ]

So Much in Common, Unknown, 1940-08-20, Winnipeg Free Press, The Canada-U.S. Ogdensburg Agreement that more closely aligned the military operations of the two countries evoked this cartoon response

Colonel William J. Donovan,
Office of Strategic Services,
Washington, D. C.

Dear Colonel Donovan,

This is to introduce Mr. E. H. Norman of the Department of External Affairs who is at present doing general Far Eastern intelligence work in Ottawa. I believe both you and Professor Langer know about him and his work and I would appreciate anything you can do to help him establish a liaison with your office here.

Yours sincerely,

[signed L.B. Pearson]
Minister Counsellor


November 5, 1942


Told them to get in touch with Kimbel and Lewis and they agreed to use the courier they use between Canada and the legation here, and will give us the use of his services.

William J. Donovan

Source: US National Archives and Records Administration, Director's Office, Office of Strategic Services, RG 226, Microfilm 1642, Frame 463, Lester Pearson, Pearson Introduces Norman to U.S. Intelligence Agency, November 4, 1942 — November 5, 1942

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