Why the Mounted Police Were Sent to the Klondike

. . . in reference to . . . a letter from Mr. C.H. Hamilton, Secretary and Assistant Manager of the North American Trading and Transportation Company, and also two letters . . . from the Rt. Rev. Dr. Bompas, Bishop of Selkirk. . . . The Minister desires to state that in the interests of the peace and good government of that portion of Canada, in the interests also of the public revenue, it is highly desireable that immediate provision be made for the regulation and control of the traffic in intoxicating liquor, for the administration of lands containing the precious metals, for the collection of customs duties upon the extensive imports being made into that section of Canada from the United States with the view of supplying the miners, for the protection of the Indians, and for the administration of justice generally.

Source: NAC, Charles Constantine Papers, MG30 E-55, v.3, Unknown, "Why the Mounted Police Were Sent to the Klondike," May 26, 1894

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