Stroller White

[ George Carmack in Old Age ]

George Carmack in Old Age, H.J. Woodside, NAC, PA-053228

R.N. DeArmond, ed. Stroller White: Tales of a Klondike Newsman (Vancouver: Mitchell Press Ltd) 1969.
“Indian Lore”

[this book has an account of White meeting a 128 yr old member of the Kawakadada tribe who spoke of the Birch Bark Book. Stroller secured the book which contained history of the tribe for more than a thousand years. Among the entries translated into English by Stroller is this: ]

August 20, 1896-Summer started off good but now all turned sour. That Skookum Jim can’t keep a secret. Went and showed George Carmack where to find gold down on Rabbit Creek. Much excitement. White men rushing everywhere. This used to be good country. Now what? Old people shake heads, point to California. Gold found there, now whole place cultus. They say same thing happen here. Injun better give up. Oh, well, after while gold all gone, maybe white people go, too. Give country back to Injuns. p175

Source: deArmond, R.N., ed., Stroller White (Vancouver: Mitchell Press, 1969)

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