What Did Henderson Actually Say?

[ Robert Henderson in Later Life ]

Robert Henderson in Later Life, H.J. Woodside, 1925, NAC, PA-053223

. . . As Henderson’s boat reached the shore, he saw Carmack. After brief greetings, Henderson told Carmack of this prospects on Gold Bottom, and invited him to come up and stake.

Carmack said he did not want to go, but Henderson insisted. Carmack reluctantly agreed, but wanted to bring the Throndiuk Indians along with his partners, Jim and Charlie, his wife, Kate, and the boy K’neth.

Henderson balked at that, and may, according to some reports, have said something uncomplimentary about native people in general. It is more likely that Henderson said he did not intend to stake the whole native village on the Gold Bottom creek but rather said that he wanted to give preference to his Sixtymile friends.

Whatever the interpretation of what was said, it would have enormous consequences for all of them. . . .

Source: Les McLaughlin, "What Did Henderson Actually Say?," Whitehorse Star, April 5, 2002

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