Letter from George Carmack to his sister Rose dated Nov 13th, 1900, from San Francisco, concerning custody of his daughter Graphie [spelling and punctuation original]

Dear Sister Rose

Your letter of yesterday just received, was glad to hear that James was better, …I got a letter supposed to be written by Graphie did she write it or was it another one of them tricks, It was a nice little letter, and if she wrote it she is learning fast, I would have answered it only I was afraid someone els might get hold of it, I know the parties that Kate is getting letters from, that is I think I do, I also had a letter from them they were trying to stick their nose in the business , but I have nothing to do with them, Just let that old Hag go a head and do her dirtiest the Judge will get disgusted with them and throw them all out of court if they are not carefull. At any rate I think the Judge will let the child have something to say. He surly knows that she is no fit subject to raise a child, it is not that she wants the child but she thinks it will spite you and me. Well this is all that I can think of for this time, Love to all.

I remain your loveing brother,

GW Carmack.

PS don’t repeat any of this letter to any one and destroy it. GWC

Source: University of Washington, Accession 5176-1, Box 1, Folder 5, G Carmack, "George and Kate," November 13, 1900

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