Must Go Well Prepared

Bellingham Bay Reveille
July 23, 1897

EVERETT, July 19-Captain Fairbairn of this city left Dawson City on the Klondyke just one month ago today and gives a thoroughly practical account of the situation.

As to freights the captain said that at the present time, when the snow is off the mountains, freight is packed over by Indians from Dyea across the summit, a distance of twenty nine miles, for 14 cents a pound. A man should take plenty of clothing and provisions. He did not find provisions plentiful. Several cases of scurvy were reported, the effect of a long continued diet on salt meat. This, however, can be avoided with care, as cranberries grow abundantly and wild onions and wild rhubarb abound. Moose and caribou are easily shot and feathered game is to be had in season.

Source: Unknown, "Must Go Well Prepared," Bellingham Bay Reveille, July 23, 1897

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