No Place for Ladies

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\"Actresses\" Fording Dyea River on the Chilkoot Trail, Frank LaRoche, 1897, Univ of Washington, La Roche 2014

Klondike News
April 1, 1898

Considerable indignation was caused amongst the ladies of Dawson, on account of the statement in one of the sensational coast papers to the effect that the Klondike was no place for ladies. This is reported to have come from Mrs. Clarence Berry, and in an interview she is supposed to have said that it was unsafe for a lady to walk on the streets of Dawson, owing to the rowdyism and incivility of the miners.

We do not believe that Mrs. Berry was guilty of such a misrepresentation of Klondike gallantry. That the papers printed such a statement is true enough, in what was supposed to be an interview, but it is quite likely that she is not the author of such a falsehood. The miners of Dawson have a high degree of chivalry, and a more gentlemanly and manly lot have never been thrown together in any one town.

Source: Unknown, "No Place for Ladies," Klondike News, April 1, 1898

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