The Opinion of the "Dawson Nugget"

On August 17, 1896, George Carmacks [sic] was lucky enough to make that famous discovery of gold. He was by no means the pioneer miner or prospector of this part of Canada. He had been preceded by many adventurers from Canada and the United States. A considerable amount of gold was taken from the Yukon Valley in the early eighties. In fact, it was while returning from a visit to a mining operation being carried on by Bob Henderson of Nova Scotia on Gold Bottom Creek in Klondike Valley that Carmacks made the find. By no stretch of imagination can Carmacks be said to have been the first discoverer of gold in the Klondike Valley, though we must admit that it was his find that caused the immediate staking on Bonanza, Eldorado, Hunker, Dominion and Gold Run, the banner creeks.

Source: n/a, "The Opinion of the "Dawson Nugget"," Dawson Nugget, August 17, 1929

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