We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

Seymour to Cardwell, No. 22

30 August 1864

I must offer to you my sincere apologies for the delay which has occurred in reporting to you officially on several matters of importance. My excuse is simply this; that I have been engaged on a work of vital interest to the colony for many weeks, during which I was in a wild country, without pen or paper and my communications with the civilized portions of our territory generally cut off by the insurgent Indians.

2. I hope by increased exertions soon to make up for this inevitable delay.

I have etc.

Mr. Elliot

Put by.

Abd 20 Oct

TFE 20/10

EC 20

Source: Great Britain Public Record Office, Colonial Office Records, CO 60/18, p. 43, 9645, Frederick Seymour, Letter to Cardwell, No. 22, sent August 30, 1864, received October 20, 1864.

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