We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

George Simpson to P. S. Ogden

[27 June 1843]

I notice the suggestions which have been made under private covers respecting the abandonment or removal of the Chilcotins posts to Sluz-cuz, a lake on Sir A. McKenzie's track towards Millbank Sound, which is represented as a favorable situation for a trading post, especially in regard to martens & other small furs, & where it is said the means of living are abundant, with little danger to be apprehended from the natives...Pray consider all the advantages and disadvantages likely to arise from the changes & favor me with your opinion upon them next year, so as to determine the Council whether the alterations suggested should be carried into effect or not...

Annexed I beg to hand you copy of such resolutions of Council as refer to N. Caledonia...Sluz-cuz has been substituted for Chilcotins, in order that you may be enabled to remove the establishment thither, in the event of your considering it desirable; but although set down as Sluz-cuz it is to be understood that you are not required to remove the Chilcotins post unless on further consideration you think the public interests would benefit by the change...

Source: BCA, Manuscript, Fort Chilcotin MM/C43, George Simpson, Letter to P. S. Ogden, June 27, 1843, 17-18.

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