We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

P. W. Dease to Governor and Council of the Northern Department

[19 April 1831]

The great disadvantages under which we have to labor from the deficiency of Gentlemen required for the management of the Posts in the district will no doubt occur to you, being now under the necessity of abandoning the Chilcotin Post for the Summer and this at a time when the Natives of that Place could be employed to most advantage to the trade. Beaver being the principal and almost only fur bearing Animal they have, by having a regular supply of their wants during the favorable Seasons for hunting would be a strong stimulous to exertion, this our means will not allow, the Post has been for the Winter under the management of one of the common Servants, who could not be supposed to possess that influence or authority, nor command that respect among them necessary to incite them to industry as a Gentleman would, indeed in general they would entertain rather a contemptible opinion for common Servants, the scantiness of Returns from there will sufficiently shew this, although other causes may have operated partly in producing the unfavorable result of the Season, scarcity of Salmon and means of subsistence during Winter has obliged them to leave their own Lands and resort to the neighbouring Tribes (whose means are not so limited) to escape the horrors of Famine, from whence they were to return about the present time, when we are obliged to recal the Men from there to attend the business required to be done in other Quarters...

Source: BCA, Manuscript, Fort Chilcotin MM/C43, P. W. Dease, Letter to Governor and Council of Northern Department, April 19, 1831, 10-11.

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