We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

William Connolly to George McDougall

[28 January 1830]

...it appears that few if any of the Chilcotins have Engaged in hunting Beaver. If that season was neglected which to them must be the most favourable for Hunting that Animal, it cannot be expected that they would devote much of their time to that pursuit at a [illegible] period when the labour would be much greater, and the obstructions to their success infinitely more numerous as well as formidable, hence it may be inferred that they have done nothing so far, and that they will not attempt to hunt before the latter part of the spring. From these premises the natural conclusion is that no advantage can accrue from the Chilcotin Establishment during the winter, and not deeming it safe to continue it for the summer no manner of injury can therefore arise from withdrawing it as soon as possible...and I trust that it will be entered into without delay. Previous to your departure you will promise the natives that they will see us again next summer...

Source: BCA, Manuscript, Fort Chilcotin, MM/C43, William Connolly, Letter to George McDougall, January 28, 1830, 9-10.

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