We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

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A. C. Anderson to George Simpson

[21 January 1843]

...I shall now...direct your attention to a project generally approved of by those acquainted with the circumstances...it is the transfer of the outpost of this establishment (Alexandria) from the Chilcotins to Tluz-cuz, a lake situated three days march to the Northward of the former, and equally accessible though a trifle more distant, from hence, than the present position at Chilcotins. The objects it is proposed to attain by this measure are first the interception of a good many Beaver that find their way through that channel to the Sea Coast, from the Nas-cotin villages attached to Fort George and Alexandria; and more chiefly the increase of returns in martens, Foxes of the first quality, and other valuable furs, in which that vicinity is peculiarly abundant. At present the bulk of the returns ostensibly yielded by the Chilcotins are procured at Tluz-cuz by drouine parties sent thither...As for the furs traded directly at the Chilcotin post...they could be procured by sending occasionally from this place [Alexandria]...To maintain the [Chilcotin] post, owing to the evil disposition of the Chilcotin Indians...an officer and at least two men are necessary; a number that would suffice at Tluz-cuz, where the natives, on the contrary, are well disposed, industrious, and extremely urgent that we should settle among them. In point of resources for provisioning the post, and other important respects, the advantage is considerably in favour of Tluz-cuz. It may be urged that the protection of the frontier with which view the Chilcotin Outpost was, I believe, originally established, would not be so effectually answered under the proposed arrangement. On the other hand, this would be one of its most prominent advantages, since Tluz-cuz is the nucleus where all the surrounding roads unite, being directly on the track followed by Sir Alex McKenzie on his way to the extremity of Milbank Sound...

Source: BCA, Manuscript, Fort Chilcotin MM/C43, A. C. Anderson, Letter to George Simpson, January 21, 1843, 16-17.

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