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"The Small Pox and the Indians"

The British Colonist, April 26, 1862

The Indians report two of their brethren as having died of this disease lately, and say that it has reached Fort Simpson. Dr. Helmcken has vaccinated over 500 natives since the disease first made its appearance here. There are two diseases that Indians dread beyond all others, viz: the measles and the small pox. On Thursday several Nettinett Indians (who live near Cape Flattery) called on the Governor and said that they had been deputized by their tribe to ascertain whether there was any truth in a story told them by some white scamps that Gov. Douglas was about to send the small pox among them for the purpose of killing off the tribe and getting their land. They were assured that they had been hoaxed, and left the next day for their home. There is a funny report going the rounds, to the effect that vaccine "scabs" have become merchantable articles with the natives. They preserve them carefully and sell them for two "bits" apiece for the benefit of their brethren who remained above last winter, and are now looked for down. One of the old chiefs has gone into the vaccination business at the Indian village and expects to make a good thing by practicing as soon as the Northerners get down.

Source: "The Small Pox and the Indians," British Colonist, April 26, 1862.

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