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"Small Pox"

The British Colonist, March 28, 1862

[First line illegible] of a small pox hospital is being urged by many citizens who dread that the disease may become prevalent in the Colony, in consequence of the susceptibility to contagion of Indians, and the near proximity to Victoria of many of the tribes. It is reported, but with how much truth we cannot say, that the loathsome disease has already broken out at the Songish village, and that several children have been attacked. The physicians are daily beseiged by applicants for vaccination, who have become alarmed at the prospect of the spread of the disease. No one who values his health or that of those with whom he of necessity comes in contact, should neglect to adopt every precaution known to science. By order of the Government, some thirty Indians were vaccinated on Wednesday by Dr. Helmcken.

Source: "Small Pox," British Colonist, March 28, 1862.

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