We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

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"Four Days Later from Bentinck Arm"

The British Colonist, August 27, 1862

Capt. Mountford, of the schooner Northern Light, arrived yesterday morning in a canoe from Bentinck Arm. He left Bella Coola eighteen days ago and says that Hood had completed the trail around Big Slide and passed on with his animals for Cariboo. Pollock's train also left for Cariboo at the same time. The united trains numbered 62 horses and mules. Each animal was packed with 200 pounds, and it was expected that the trip would be made to Alexandria in fifteen days. Capt. M. has been over the route, and says that the road will require a considerable outlay of money to render it passable at all seasons of the year. The Indians in the interior are healthy and friendly. At Bella Coola nearly the whole tribe has been swept away by the small-pox, and at Deane's Canal but one Indian was seen.

Source: "Four Days Later from Bentinck Arm," British Colonist, August 27, 1862.

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