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"Removal of the Indians"

The Daily Press, April 28, 1862

We are happy to state that the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Pemberton, has taken immediate steps for the removal of all the Injdians at present in town, with the exception of those who are in the employment of the whites. The Tsimpsean tribe have one day given them to leave this portion of the Island, and one of the gun-boats will take up a position opposite the camp to expedite their departure. Sergeant Blake will have the direction of the force necessary to carry out the views of the authorities, and men will be stationed at the bridge, and other main entrances to the town, to prevent any Indian entering. This extreme step has been taken none too soon, as both yesterday and to-day several of the Tsimpsean tribe came into town with all their baggage and equipments, and established themselves in houses. The Songish Indians express their intention of leaving for San Juan Island in a day or two.

Source: "Removal of the Indians," Daily Press, April 28, 1862.

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