Nova Scotia

Cheticamp, Clare

Jerome – A bit of background on this man might interest readers of l’Evangeline –

He was found in 1864, there on the coast of Digby Neck, with both his legs cut off. The local people, not understanding his language, sent for Mr. Jean Nicholas, a resident of Meteghan and native of Corsica, who spoke various languages. But he could only make sense of a few words.

Mr. Nicholas took care of him for seven years. At present, Mr. Dedier Comeau, from these parts, has been caring for him for the last thirty years, without ever hearing a word from him. Jerome or Jeremiah Mahony is about 65 years old, and despite his pale face he still appears strong and in perfect health. He is about as tall as a 12-year-old child, and mumbles a lot, but still does not speak.

We should therefore suppose that nothing more will ever be known about his secret life.


Source: Correspondant de L'Évangéline, "Nova Scotia, Cheticamp, Clare," L'Évangéline, May 30, 1901.

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