Petition of Overseers of the Poor No 3 and others pray to be reimbursed their expenses for transient pauper

Digby Neck
April 12th, 1864

The Hon. H--
The Financial Secretary

Please pay John C. Wade on order the sum of fifty-nine dollars being the account of granted for keeping a transient pauper in this district.

William Denton
George Conwell
Overseers of the Poor

Poor District No 3 Digby Neck

In account with Meyer William & George Denton. Overseers of the Poor.

In Boarding & clothing a young man found on the Bay Shore on September the 8th 1863 to February 3rd 1864 in all twenty one weeks at 2.00 per week. $42.00
Carrying the young man to Clare 12.00
Mr. Mandy Bile 5.00

To the Honorable the House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia.

The Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Digby Neck in the County of Digby.


That on the 8th of September, 1863 a young man was found on the Bay Shore at Sandy Cove with both legs off just below the knees (supposed to be an Italian).

That he was in a suffering condition when found without food, clothing, shelter or friends. That the overseer of the Poor for this District immediately took charge of him, and made such provision for him as they considered necessary.

That the overseers made an effort to find out who landed this young man on our shore and where he came from but all not qualified to vouch for the truth of statements made by the young man to the interpreter.

That the overseers were obliged to take this young man more than fifty miles away to a man who could speak the Italian language.

Your Petitioners therefore pray your Honorable House will grant a sum of money sufficient to cover all the expenses mentioned.

And your Petitioners will ever pray,

(15 signatures)

Source: Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, , RG 31-109 vol. 15 #64, Overseers of the Poor No 3 and others, "Petition of Overseers of the Poor No 3 and others pray to be reimbursed their expenses for transient pauper," April 29, 1864.

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