[ Maison de Jean Nicholas, Meteghan, 1916 ]

House of Jean Nicholas, Meteghan, 1916, Inconnu,


M. no. 59
April 5
Jean Nicolas
Victoire Comeau

Jean Nicolas, widower of his 1st wife Julitte Comeau residing in Meteghan of the first part and Victoire Comeau, legitimate daughter of Marie Comeau and Magdeleine Maillet, after having been duly published and granted dispensations for the 3rd and 4th degrees of Affinity between them received the nuptial blessing in the presence of Basile Robichau and Rosalie Robichau on April 5, 1865.

In witness whereof, Reverend Ferd.Blanchet.

Source: Paroisse Maris Stella, Meteghan, Registres de la paroisse, Livre #3, Ferdinand Blanchet, Marriage certificate of John Nicholas and Victoire Comeau, 1865, April 5, 1865, 103.

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