Colin, Theophilus To John Nicolas, Registered 11th June, on the oath of Bona Robicheau

This indenture made this Eighteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eighteen and fifty-seven Between Theophilus Colin Of the Township of Clare in the County of Digby and Province of Nova Scotia Yeomen and Margaret his wife of the one part and John Nicola and Julie Nicola his wife of the said Township County and Province aforesaid of the other part Witnessed that the said Theophilus Colin and Marguerite Colin for and in consideration of the sum of thirty one pounds of lawful money of Nova Scotia to them in hand & paid by the said John Nicola and Julie Nicola the right whereof is hereby acknowledged and have given, bargained, sold and convey unto the said John Nicola and Julie Nicola their heirs and assign a certain tract piece of land situated lying and being in Meteghan in the township of Clare aforesaid being a part of late Charles Muis’s Estate the part hereby conveyed is Bounded as follows beginning on the North West side of the Post road to a Post on the line dividing said John Nicola’s land from said Theophilus Colins thence running North Easterly by said road thirty eight feet and nine inches thence North Westernly parallel with the line first mentioned until it meets land of Augustine Commo, thence following said Augustine Commo’s land till it meets said John Nicola’s land thence Southeasterly, along said John Nicola’s land to the place of beginning with all the privileges and advantages thereto belonging or in anyway appertaining To Have and To Hold the above granted premises with all the privileges to them the said Nicola and Julie Nicola their heirs and assigns to them their own proper use behoof forever and the said Theophilus Colin and Marguerite Colin his wife for themselves and their heirs and against themselves and their heir Executers administration and against all persons whomever will warrant and defend to the said John Nicola and Julie Nicola for witnesses whereof the said Theophilus Colin and Margaret Colin have hereinto set their land and Sealed the day and year first above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of

Bonaventure Robicheau
Zavier x Deveau
Margaret x Colin
Theophilus Colin

Source: Registry of Deeds, Digby County, Deed books, Digby County, 25/340, Bonaventure Robicheau, Deed of sale of Theophilus Colin to John Nicola, 1857, June 11, 1857.

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