In re Cyriac Comeau’s son in Insane Hospital

To the Honourable Municipal Council for the Municipality of Clare.

We the undersigned having been appointed a committee to enquire respecting the Ability of any person in Maintaining their insane parents or children in the Municipality as in Chapter 38 section 37 provisions statutes 5 series.

And having inquired respecting the means and income of Cyriac Comeau of Salmon river Clare towards the Maintenance of his son in the Insane Asylum at Halifax.

And having ascertained that the said Cyriac Comeau was in such circumstances that he had the means financially and otherwise, to pay for the maintenance of his said son in said Insane Asylum or Hospital at Halifax. And us the undersigned do hereby order that that the said Cyriac Comeau do pay to the Municipality of Clare the sum of one hundred and sixty Dollars per annum for the payment of his sons Maintenance in said Insane Hospital at Halifax for the whole of the time that he remains there.

Brockville Clare
July 17th 1897
Eddison Ellis
R.N. Beveridge
F.B Robicheau


Source: Municipality of Clare, Minute Books, Minute Book no. 1, From April 30th. 1867 to January 1905, Municipality of Clare, In Regards to Cyriac Comeau’s son in Insane Hospital, January 31, 1898, 578.

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