W. B. Vail to Dr. Campbell, MD, 31 March 1879

Halifax March 31/79

My Dear Sir

The man Jerome referred to in your note of Saturday is a legless Italian, who was picked up on the shore of Digby County, if I remember correctly, in about 1864 or 65, and as he could not speak a word of English or French, the Overseers of the Poor for the district of Clare engaged board for him with another Italian with the name of [N]icholas, where he remained till the death of the latter, when Mr. Doucett then M.P. for Digby; succeeded in getting Comeau to take him. I really cannot tell you how it happens that this pauper is not referred to in the Report of the Comttee on Humane Institutions, somewhere between 1864 and 1867, yet I presume the Govt in making him a permanent charge on the grant for Transient Poor acted on the recommendation of the Committee on Hum. Insts.

When I came in, in 1867, I found this claim had been paid the year previous, and the first session after. I mentioned it to Dr. Brown, who I think was chairman of the Com. of H. Ins that year, and I understood him to day, the Committee of the previous house had inquired into the case, and found it so exceptional in its character, that they had recommended the Govt to provide for this man in Clare, in preference to bringing him to Halifax – This is all the information I can give the Committee, Mr Robicheau no doubt knows all about this man and can give further information if required.

I am yours very truly

W. B. Vail

Dr. Campbell MD

Source: Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, A.W. Savary Correspondance, MG 100 Vol. 169 #23f, W. B. Vail, "W. B. Vail to Dr. Campbell, MD, 31 March 1879," March 31, 1879.

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