Samuel Gidney to A. W. Savary, 12/10/1908

[Different hand writing] Col. E.K. Eaton, Annapolis Royal made reference to this legless Italian during one of my conversations with him. [signature illegible]

Mink Cove Oct. 12th 1908

Judge A.W. Savary

Dear Sir

Yours of the 15 ult at hand on account of being away from home unable to reply sooner.

In reference to the man « Jerome » I think it was the year 1879. I was on my way to Boston in a schr. We harbored one night in Little River, Maine. In the evening two men came on board. They asked us where we were from. We told them from Sandy Cove, they asked us if we remembered a man being landed there with no legs, several years ago, we told him, we did, he replied he was the man that landed him there, he said he brought him from New Brunswick. Parties they hired him to land him on this shore to save town charges. He told me his name, but I really have forgotten it. This is about all the man told me concerning him.

Hoping this will be satisfactory.

I am yours respectfully

Samuel Gidney

Source: Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, A.W. Savary Correspondance, MG 100 Vol. 169 #23e, Samuel Gidney, "Samuel Gidney to A. W. Savary, 12/10/1908," October 12, 1908.

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