A. M. Gidney to A. W. Savary, 05/09/1908

Pleasantly situated near the Famous Annapolis Basin and within reach of the Hunting Grounds
A. M. Gidney, Proprietor

Smith’s Cove, N.S., Sept. 5, 1908

Hon. A.W. Savary

Dear Judge Savary

I have received your favor, sent in reply to your inquiries about « Jerome » By the way I have never heard him use neither of the words Jerome or Colombo. It is probable that the latter may have been the name of the ship on which he was a stowaway.

Mr. Samuel Gidney on a voyage from Sandy Cove to Boston harbored at Machins Maine one of the inhabitants of the place came on board the vessel and on hearing the schooner was from Sandy Cove asked if Gidney ever heard of a man without legs being landed on the shore at that place. He then told the following story. A stowaway on an Italian ship loading on at some port in N.B. between Saint John and the State of Maine was driven ashore. In attempting to cross a pond on some logs he fell through into the water. After getting out he upon of the pond and he spent the night in a saw mill. It was in the month of March and as the weather was extremely cold his legs were as badly frozen. Thus it was necessary to amputate them.

The people of the place gave the American who was fishing along the N.B. coast, in a small vessel five dollars to land the cripple in Nova Scotia. He did so landing him at Sandy Cove.

When I saw him Jerome the day after he was landed he answered or tried to answer questions readily enough.

He named the rig of the different vessels in the Bay.

Heard the words “Si Si” often and from his manner of using them I thought he meant yes.

His intellect seemed to be very feeble. Perhaps this impression was due to his ignorance of our language.

I will be delighted sir you have at any time If you decide to come to Smith’s Cove this week drop me a card and I will meet you at the station with a horse.

With but wishes
I am faithfully yours
A. M. Gidney

Source: Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, A.W. Savary Correspondance, MG 100 Vol. 169 #23d, A. M. Gidney, "A. M. Gidney to A. W. Savary, 05/09/1908," September 5, 1908.

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