M. No. 23
11 November
Didier Comeau
Elisabeth Thibodeau

Didier Comeau, legitimate son of Marin Comeau and Madeleine Maillet of St. Martin and Elisabeth Thibodeau, legitimate daughter of Cyrille Thibodeau and Marie Maillet of St. Martin, after having been duly published, and granted dispensation for a 3rd degree of consanguinity, received the nuptial blessing in the presence of Ambroise Comeau and Marin Saulnier, on November 11, 1862.

In witness whereof Reverend Ferd Blanchet

Source: Paroisse Maris Stella, Meteghan, Registres de la paroisse, Registre no 3, Ferdinand Blanchet, "Marriage Certificate of Didier Comeau and Elisabeth Thibodeau," November 11, 1862.

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