Overseers Poor Chipman
8th May 1861

Certificate that the Frozen Italian is an Emigrant lately arrived

#21 July 1, 1861
St. John 8 May 1861

To the Honourable S.L. Tilley.

We the overseers of Poor in the Parish of Chipman in the County of Queens so humbly Certify, that the Frozen Italian who has been picked up in the woods at the Head of the Gaspereau Stream this last winter, and Concerning whom a Petition was Presented before the House of Assembly this last winter in an Emigrant and lately arrived in this Province before his misfortune.

John O’Leary
Samuel White
George Bennison

Source: New Brunswick Provicial Archives, Executive Council: Cabinet Meetings Records, RS9 Meeting of July 1, 1861 #21, John O'Leary, George Benison, Samuel White, "Certificate that the Frozen Italian is an Emigrant lately arrived," May 8, 1861.

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