Application for support for Poor of parish in Chipman

Complied with Passed by the Court John Parkman


To the Honourable.
The Judges and Justices in General Session of the Peace in Gage Town Convened.


We the overseers of Poor for the Parish of Chipman, do Solicit your Honours for a Warrant to assess Said Parish for a Sum of Money to the Amount of Forty Pounds to discharge the Real and Contingent Dibelities of said parish, and by so doing you will oblige your Honourable Servants.

John O’Leary
Samuel White
George Bennisson
(Overseers of Poor)

Source: New Brunswick Provicial Archives, Queen's County, Health and Welfare, Warrants ans Assessment, Chipman Parish, RS154 E2e, John O'Leary, George Benison, Samuel White, "Application for support for poor of Parish Chipman," n.d..

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