[ Digby County Nova Scotia, From actual surveys drawn & engraved under the direction of H.F. Walling (detail, title) ]

Digby County Nova Scotia, From actual surveys drawn & engraved under the direction of H.F. Walling (detail, title), H.F. Walling,

This site is the creation of a team of funding partners, researchers, computer and educational specialists, translators, revisers and administrators. It contains information drawn from historical records preserved in museums, archives and private collections.

Funding Partners

This website was made possible through the financial contributions of the following institutions:

Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Culture Online Initiative

Queen’s University

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of History

University of Victoria

Office of the Vice-President, Academic
Office of the Vice-President, Research
Dean of Humanities

Université de Sherbrooke

Production Partners

Queen’s University, Department of History

University of Victoria, Department of History

University of Victoria, Humanities Computing and Media Centre

Université de Sherbrooke, Department of History and Political Science

Université de Sherbrooke, Translation Program

The Department of Theory and Policy Studies of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

TC2, The Critical Thinking Consortium

Arius 3-D

Hot House Marketing

Research Partners

Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management

New Brunswick Provincial Archives

Acadia University

Dean of the Faculty of Arts
French Studies, Department of Languages and Literatures

Université Sainte-Anne

Centre Acadien

Staff – Jerome Site

This site was a team effort. The co-directors for the project were Caroline-Isabelle Caron, Ph. D., from Queen’s University and Lise A. Robichaud, from Les Éditions de la Piquine. They visited a number of archives and locations to conduct research, and selected the documents that appear on this site. They also wrote the introductory texts, historical contexts and the biographies of the cast of characters. In addition, they contributed interpretations that explain the circumstances surrounding the Jerome mystery. Marie-Colombe Robichaud kindly volunteered her help in transcribing oral interviews drawn from the oral collection at Université Sainte-Anne’s Centre Acadien. Stéphane Vermette and Lanette Comeau helped out enormously with archival research and document analysis. The documents were transcribed and revised by Kailee Novikoff and Alison Browne, who are students at Queen’s University. Gillian I. Leitch, a doctoral student at the Université de Montréal, also transcribed and revised documents and helped with analysis.

Sophie Lapointe, Rachel Rouleau and Rose-Anne Chabot translated the documents from English into French and from French into English. Marie Gagnon and Rod Willmot proofread the translated texts.

Ruth Sandwell created the teachers’ guides and handouts for the Jerome site, with the assistance of the co-directors.


The website was designed by Sabine Berg of Hot House Marketing & Design, in Victoria. It is based on the beautiful watercolour that Clare artist Nora Robicheau graciously painted for the project. Patrice Boulianne of Blou composed and recorded a song for the site. Caroline-Isabelle Caron also painted a complimentary watercolour for the site. Harold Robicheau generously provided several period photos from his personal collection. Other images come from the photographic collections at Université Sainte-Anne’s Centre Acadien. All these images are used here with permission. Finally, a few images are in the public domain and others are from the personal collections of the site’s co-directors.

Technical Production

Technical Advisors: Scott Gerrity and Stewart Arneil

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Website Markup: Dennis Lee, Sunpreet Jassal and Naomi Eichenlaub

Editorial and Database: Carolyne Blanchard


Merna Forster, Executive Director

John Lutz, Ph. D., Co-director

Ruth Sandwell, Ph. D., Co-director

Peter Gossage, Ph. D., Co-director

Françoise McNeil, Translation Co-ordinator

Special Thanks

Many people deserve special thanks for their exceptional devotion throughout the project.

Nora Robicheau and Patrice Boulianne of Blou were wonderfully inspired by Jerome’s story.

Harold Robicheau opened his home and his collections to us.

Phil Comeau opened his collections to us and contributed an interpretation for the site.

Ian Cameron opened the doors to the collection of the Medical History Society of Nova Scotia. He also contributed an interpretation for the site.

H.-Dominique Paratte and the Department of Languages and Literatures at Acadia University provided administrative support and a place to work.

Jean-Pierre Pichette, director, and Elaine LeBlanc, executive secretary of the Centre Acadien at Université Sainte-Anne, opened their archives to us and helped us with our research.

The staff of Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, in particular Lois Yorke, manager of public and support services, and Garry D. Shutlak, senior reference archivist.

The staff of the New Brunswick Provincial Archives, in particular Marion Beyea, director of the Archives.

Nimbus Press gave us complimentary permission to use excerpts and images from its publications.

Lancelot Press gave us complimentary permission to use excerpts and images from its publications.

Ernest Gaudet gave us permission to use his song on the site.

We are very grateful to Robert Comeau and other descendants of Dédier and Zabeth for their help and support in this project.

Finally, we wish to thank our families, friends and colleagues. Above all, Caroline-Isabelle and Lise wish to thank their spouses, Stéphane and Devin.


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