Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

Le Soleil, February 24, 1920, p. 12


They reside in Fortierville and are being held on the charge of manslaughter

The preliminary investigation in the case of Télesphore Gagnon, of Fortierville, in the county of Lotbinière, who is accused, along with his wife, of refusing to provide the necessary medical attention, as well as other necessities of life, to his ten-year-old daughter Aurore, and to have thereby caused her death, began this morning before the Honourable Justice Choquette in the Police Court.

The investigation is being held behind closed doors. Maître J. N. Francoeur, K. C., is defending the two accused persons, and the prosecution is being conducted by Maître Arthur Lachance, K. C., and Maître Arthur Fitzpatrick, K. C., Crown Prosecutors.

The mother's case will be heard after the father's.

Source: Le Soleil, "Les époux Gagnon ont comparu," Le Soleil (Québec), February 24, 1920.

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