Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

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[stamp of the KINGSTON PENITENTIARY-CENSOR No. 1 - MAY 8, 1923]


Quebec City, April 28, 1923.

Madame Télesphore Gagnon,

Dearly beloved Maman,
My apologies for my long silence. No doubt it must have saddened you, but please be lenient with me. It is neither laziness nor neglect, but rather the

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great preoccupation with end-of-year examinations that engrosses me at this time. I have answered Tante Rachel's letter I would love to go spend the holidays with her. You asked me whether I had my fares no I don't have them and I would like my aunt to give me information about the journey. Would you be so kind as to write her and tell her all that so I'll count on you for everything dear Maman. I saw Pauline not very

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long ago. She wasn't in a good mood. The dear girl was sick. Despite everything she was happy to see me. Georges is in good health. He sends you a thousand kisses Don't you find that the holidays are fast approaching? For me, at least, the months go by very fast. Another two months and we will be free to roam. How I would love to see you among us it would be even happier but let's not lose hope nothing

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is impossible for Him to whom we appeal. I had forgotten to tell you not to bother yourself with my good clothes I have them all here; those for the holidays are at Grandpère's in Fortierville. All I'll have to do is go get them when I get to my uncle Welly's.

I leave you only reluctantly kind Maman; I can't wait to hear from you through my aunt.

From your loving child,

Marie-Jeanne Gagnon

Source: ANC, , RG 13, Box 1507, File Houde Marie-Anne, vol. 1, part. 1, Marie-Jeanne Gagnon, Lettre à Marie-Anne Houde de Marie-Jeanne Gagnon , April 28, 1923.

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