Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

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La Presse, April 16, 1920, p. 4

Is it not false modesty to look the other way and cry shameful sensationalism because newspapers report the details of the trial relating to the martyrdom of little Aurore Gagnon of Quebec City? If, instead of devoting their time and the columns of their papers to vain denunciations of imaginary crimes, these colleagues, whose virtue is as selective as it is fierce, better informed their readers, while talking a little less about themselves and of their misunderstood providential mission, perhaps they wouldn't be reduced to bemoaning their "financial inferiority" and would become free enough to live without begging and, especially, without envying the lot of ordinary mortals on whom the good Lord allows his sun to shine.

Source: Réplique de La Presse aux attaques des autres journaux, La Presse (Montréal), April 16, 1920.

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