Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

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Le Soleil, March 2, 1920, p. 12


The preliminary investigation in Madame Gagnon’s case opens today.

The preliminary investigation in the case of Madame Gagnon of Ste. Philomène, in the county of Lotbinière, will begin tomorrow before Justice Choquette.

As we know, Madame Gagnon is accused, along with her husband, Théodore Gagnon, of having caused the death of her stepdaughter by neglect.

It is reported that the analysis of the deceased girl's internal organs, carried out in Montreal, revealed no trace of poison, which was first said to have been the cause of death.

The Honourable J. N. Francoeur is the defence attorney for the two accused.

Source: Le Soleil, "L'affaire de Fortierville," Le Soleil (Québec), March 2, 1920.

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