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Le Devoir, September 28, 1920, p. 3

The Gagnon Woman


Quebec City, 28. (DNC) - A dispatch from Ottawa yesterday afternoon informs us that no statement has been issued regarding the Gagnon woman, and that a commutation of her sentence remains very doubtful.

In Quebec City, the counsel for the accused is actively working to obtain a stay of execution or a commutation of her sentence.

The executioner, Ellis, arrived yesterday in Quebec City and is seeing to preparations for the hanging, which is scheduled to take place on the first of October.

However, in the capital's legal circles, it is believed that Madame Gagnon will be granted a reprieve of several months, to allow her to care for her two children.

The prison doctor, it seems, has presented Judge Malouin with a letter stating that the loss of their mother would at this point cost the infants their lives.

Judge Malouin rendered his decision yesterday afternoon regarding the motion produced by Maître Francoeur requesting a stay for his client. The Judge stated that he had no jurisdiction in the matter.

Source: Correspondant Le Devoir, "La femme Gagnon," Le Devoir (Montréal), September 28, 1920.

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