Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

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The witness shall be sworn in before being heard

Canada }
District of Quebec }


In the presence of the coroner Dr. G. Will. Jolicoeur and the jurors chosen to conduct the inquest on the body of Aurore Gagnon, ten and one half 10 ½ years of age at present lifeless in Ste. Philomene on February 13, 1920

Testimony of Marie Jeanne Gagnon of Ste. Philomene de Fortierville aged 12 years who, being duly sworn on the Holy Gospels, doth depose and say: I am the sister of the deceased. About three weeks age, she started having blisters on her body and limbs and they burst open and discharged pus. For the last five days only, her condition started to worsen. I was never aware that my father or my mother beat the child with a lash whip or a piece of wood. Yesterday morning, she had potatoes and meat with a piece of bread and syrup for breakfast. At nine o'clock in the morning, after Maman had washed her, she went to bed. About eleven o'clock, she started to become delirious. My mother telephoned Doctor Lafond, who came in the afternoon, but the deceased was by then unconscious. She died the same evening. During the morning, I often gave her hot water, which she constantly asked for, after she had been washed by Maman, who had first given her some when she put her back to bed. [?]

And thus hath signed
Sworn before me

Marie Jeanne

at Ste. Philomène de Fortierville,
this 13th day of February, 1920


Dr. G. Will. Jolicoeur

Source: ANQ, , TP12, S1, SS26, SSS1, 1960-01-353\2344, dossier 33, Cour des sessions de la paix, enquête du coroner, greffe de Québec, Témoignage de Marie-Jeanne Gagnon, enquête du coroner sur la mort d'Aurore Gagnon, February 13, 1920, 1.

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