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Kingston Penitentiary

Not Prejudice.


Date Feb 11/32


Honorable Hugh Guthrie
Minister of Justice Ottawa
Dear Honorable Sir:-
That I Mrs Mary Houde is applying to your very Honorable Department for release I wish to tell you dear Sir that half which which has been said conserning my case, is not true, you also know that I’ve now been incarcerated for 12 yrs. and my husband has been released about six years, therefore my dear Sir, I certainly would appreciate a favourable consideration at this time, for I’ve written many applications to your department I’m trusting however with the spring and summer ahead of us. This application will prove successful.

Honorable Sir, I fully understand the depression which exists outside, but I wish to tell you, that I have two sons now grown, and they want me, to make my home with them, and I also wish to inform you, that I have a standing offer, for a situation at Mrs Burleigh’s, 27 Livingston ave, Kingston, Ont, for which it is still open to me, and I have desided to except this situation, until such times as my son’s will be fixed to take me. Dear Sir, I’ve become so despondent and down hearted lately that I certainly don’t know what to do with myself, therefore dear Sir I kindly ask your sympathetic consideration.

Dear Sir. Relating to deed’s convicted etc. I wish to draw your attention to the fact, that these were commited while in a delicate state of pregnancy for which as we all know, does not act twice the same on an expectant mother, nor does it effect, any two women


alike, at such times my first husband used to always have help for and to be with me through the pregnancy period, but my second husband never had any one to look after me at all, at these times. It’s human nature dear Sir, and our very smart medical men, cannot fathom the different effect on a mother in times of pregnancy

Therefore again after writing so many applications you will not be prejudice against me for I certainly was not responsible, and beg and pray you to grant me my release, I simply cannot stant the confinment much longer. I mean dear Sir, so please do not misunderstand me. I mean the continued sameness and confinement. Therefore my dear Honorable Sir, I’m dreadfully sorry and have asked God for his forgiveness, and trust dear Sir, that you will also forgive and realize how fruitless it is to keep me longer, I’ve suffered and repented my errors long ago and am sorry, trusting my dear honourable Sir, that this application will be favourable granted by you

Very Obediently
Mary Houde

PS. Will say also, that I’m sure Miss Robinson, "Matron", and assistant Matron’s will gladly and highly recommend me, for I’ve tried to be very faithful, in my duties while here

M H.

Source: ANC, , RG 13, Box 1507, File Houde Marie-Anne, vol. 1, part. 1, Marie-Anne Houde, Letter from Marie-Anne Houde to the Minister of Justice, February 11, 1932, 2.

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