Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

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[Letterhead of the Kingston Penitentiary]

DATE: October 3, 1923

To the Honourable Minister [of] Justice

Ackd. October IIth, 1923.

[stamp of the KINGSTON PENITENTIARY-CENSOR No. 1 - OCT. 9, 1923]


Dear Sir

With great confidence I come to appeel to you for the second time about my case

As I have already told you and as I can repeet and swear I am not responsible for what I am accused of I have been suffering for all my children for alredy three and a half years now this separation is so great for me that it affects my heart and I know you wil understand what a mother can suffer from such a cruel separation and especialy from [hearing] these poor children ask when they will see their mother again does not this request

- 2 -

[stamp of the KINGSTON PENITENTIARY-CENSOR No. 1 - OCT. 9, 1923]

prove how much I was dear to them

And in another way I can prove [this] even more certainly by the little twin who is himself an idiot and you can have proof of this by contacting the Baie St. Paul Hospice

I am redy to do everything possible to earn my living and with the money we have left I can live with my children for several years

I hope that my request will be fulfiled and you can be assured that I wil be redy to whole-heartedly thank the one who will have pity on someone who is ready to swear she is not guilty

From your obedient
Madame Gagnon

Source: ANC, , RG 13, Box 1507, File Houde Marie-Anne, vol. 1, part. 1, Marie-Anne Houde, Lettre de Marie-Anne Houde au Ministre de la Justice, October 3, 1923, 2.

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