Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

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Quebec City, September 12, 1920.

The Honourable Minister of Justice

We respectfully submit the following points:

1° No petition, on the issue of commuting the Gagnon woman’s sentence, was presented to us, and we would not have signed it. This cruel stepmother has no right to pity after having tortured, over the period of a year, a defenceless child forced to obey her.

2° We request that you show your loyalty by protecting society and by allowing justice to take its course, because crime is propagating itself at an alarming rate in our city and nothing will stop murderers if they no longer have to fear death by hanging.

Penitentiaries are too lenient; no one fears them. Culprits always have the hope of escaping or of being released after serving a few years of their sentence.

We submit very humbly these opinions for your highest consideration.

A group of Quebec women.

Source: ANC, , RG 13, Box 1507, File Houde Marie-Anne, vol. 1, part. 1, Un groupe de québécoises, Lettre d'un groupe de québécoises, September 12, 1920, 1.

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