Credits and Acknowledgements

This site is the creation of a team of funding partners, researchers, computer and educational specialists, translators, revisers and administrators. It contains information drawn from historical records preserved in museums, archives and government records, as well as books, journal articles, and other materials.

Funding Partners

This website was made possible through the financial contributions of the following institutions:

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Nunavut Department of Education

The University of Victoria:

  • Department of History
  • Office of the Vice-President, Academic
  • Office of the Vice-President, Research
  • Dean of Humanities

Concordia University:

  • Department of History and the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling
  • Office of the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies

The History Education Network

The Wilson Institute, McMaster University

Production Partners

Parks Canada

Library and Archives of Canada

The Historical Thinking Project

The Critical Thinking Consortium

The Humanities Computing and Media Centre, University of Victoria

The Ocean Technology Lab, University of Victoria

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Research & Development — Franklin Mystery

This site was a team effort. The research director for the project was Lyle Dick of Lyle Dick History and Heritage, Vancouver and his collaborator Peter Gossage, Department of History, Concordia University.

Significant input and direction for the web site and research designs was provided by Co-directors John Lutz, Ruth Sandwell, and Peter Gossage, and by members of the steering committee: Stewart Arneil, Ken Beardsell, Roland Case, Penney Clark, Steven High, Merna Forster, Heather McGregor, Cathy McGregor, Françoise McNeil, Marty Magne, Alison Proctor, Peter Seixas, and Emilie Walton.

Technical Production

Technical Advisor: Stewart Arneil

Data Structuring and Programming: Stewart Arneil

Website design and visuals: Edward Gomboc

Website Interface: Pat Szpak

Transcription, Proofing and Data Markup: Gordon Lyall, Malcolm Katz-Larson, David Foster, Kyle Coralejo

Video editing: Alison Proctor

Oral history editing: Julie Perrone, Gordon Lyall

Translation English to French: Françoise McNeil, Marie Gagnon

Educational materials development: Roland Case, Nunavut Department of Education


Merna Forster, Executive Director

John Lutz, Co-director

Ruth Sandwell, Co-director

Peter Gossage, Co-director

Françoise McNeil, Translation Co-ordinator

Julie Perrone, Postdoctoral Fellow and Administrative Assistant (Concordia)

The research team would especially like to thank the following people for their generous and timely assistance [in alphabetical order] :

Thierry Boyer, Ottawa

Graham Carr, Montreal

Dorothy Eber, Montreal

Larry Hannant, Victoria

Ryan Harris, Ottawa

Louie Kamookak, Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

Andrew Lambert, London, U.K.

Alan MacEachern, London, Ontario

Jonathan Moore, Ottawa

H.V. Nelles, Hamilton

Jennifer Pettit, Calgary

David Woodman, Coquitlam

Tom Zagon, Ottawa

The Franklin Mystery Project would like to thank the archival staff at the following repositories for their notable assistance [in alphabetical order] :

British National Archives, Kew, U.K.

Royal Geographical Society, London, U.K.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, U.K.

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.

National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa

The Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau

Parks Canada, Underwater Archaeology Unit, Ottawa

Website Creation Date: 2014-2015

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