Possible Routes of Franklin's Ships After Being Abandoned

This map shows four possible routes. Thicker line indicates path common to more than one possible route. Solid lines indicate higher degree of confidence and dotted lines indicate lower degree of confidence.

The Erebus was found near O'Reilly island. The dotted line around O'Reilly island indicates that the precise location of the wreck is not public information.

Key to locations on map

# English Inuktitut
1 Ships abandoned. This was near the position identified by Oonalee, an Inuk who drew a map for Captain McClintock when they met on the Boothia Peninsula in 1859, indicating the approximate position of one of the ships he said had sunk in the Victoria Strait off Kiikertaksuak (King William Island). See Map Drawn by Oonalee. Ki-ke-taksuak
2 Cape Felix
3 Wall Bay
4 NW King William Island Too-noo-nee
5 Victory Point
6 Point Gore
7 Boat place, Erebus Bay
8 Crozier Camp, Terror Bay
9 Possible Ship Wintering Site on Imnguyaaluk (Royal Geographical Society Islands) (See Interview with Frank Analok)
10 Victoria Strait (zoom out)
11 Royal Geographical Society Islands (zoom out)
12 Queen Maud Gulf
13 O'Reilly Island. When Innookpoozhejook shared his knowledge of Franklin expedition sites with Charles Francis Hall in 1869 he identified the place where Inuit witnessed a ship sinking as Keeweewoo, meaning 'sunk.' Kee-wee-woo / Ook-joo-lik
14 Western part of Adelaide Peninsula Oot-koo-ish-e-lik
15 Washington Bay
16 Simpson Strait
17 Douglas Bay
18 Adelaide Peninsula
19 Montreal Island Ki-ki-tŭk-jūa
20 Starvation Cove
21 Richardson Point Woo-oo-tee-roo (Nivertaro)
22 Ogle Point See-er-ark-tu
23 Todd's Island Kee-ŭ-na
24 Matheson's Isle (of Rae) Og-buk
25 King William Island Ki-ki-took
26 Matty Island. In 1931 Major L.T. Burwash of the Canadian Department of the Interior published articles in which he reported that Inuit informed him a large vessel lay submerged off a small island off the northeastern shores of Matty Island (See Dorothy Eber, Encounters on the Passage, p. 97).
27 James Ross Strait
28 Boothia Peninsula
29 North Magnetic Pole Ca. 1845 (zoom out)
30 Josephine Bay. Pat Lyall, a resident of Taloyoak, reported to Dorothy Eber that Inuit had reported seeing a ship's mast and 'greenish mass' under the waters of Josephine Bay, off the west coast of the Adelaide Peninsula about 30 miles northwest of the Matty Islands (See Dorothy Eber, Encounters on the Passage, p. 100.
31 Cape Colville Shar-too
32 Great Fish or Back River (zoom out)
33 Collinson Inlet (zoom out)

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