Parks Canada Underwater Archaeology Franklin Search Video Footage (2014)

A day in the life of Parks Canada underwater archaeologists looking for the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror using side scan sonar technology aboard the MV Martin Bergman. The video shows Jonathan Moore deploying the side-scan sonar from the stern of the MV Martin Bergmann, Thierry Boyer then operating the sonar from the operator's station in the wheelhouse of the Martin Bergmann. Also visible is David McIsaac, the captain of the ship, at the helm during the night. Jonathan Moore is also shown at the operator station, and both Jonathan Moore and Thierry Boyer operating the sonar. The video concludes with footage of Thierry Boyer and Jamie Keeping, PO 2nd class Royal Canadian Navy, raising the towfish at the end of days operations. This video is made available courtesy of the Parks Canada Agency.

Sunken ship