Qaqortingneq's Map Key [reported by Knud Rasmussen] (1931)

Survey Map of King William's Land. Drawn by Qaqortingneq Looking from south to north.

  1. malᴇrualik - the place where one follows after (i.e. the caribou). Here: a point, a well-known autumn hunting place.
  2. tasᴇrʃuᴀq - the big lake. Lies just inside No. 1.
  3. kaɳerʟuᴀrʃuk - the little fjord. Here: a small indentation in the coast.
  4. sāt•iumanᴇq - the projecting one. Here: a peninsula on the west side of the island.
  5. kaɳilugjuᴀq - the big headland.
  6. tununᴇq - the back. Here: a stretch of land on the north side of the island.
  7. ujarasukʃuktalik - the place with the many pieces of rock. A small island north of No. 6. This, and the following island, from Beaufort Islands.
  8. kiɳiktuᴀrʃuk - the little hill. Island close to No. 7.
  9. uҌlutɔ•q - the place where there is much nest-down. Here: an island where birds (presumably eider ducks) breed.
  10. sublᴀ•rʃuk - the little sound. The channel between Nos. 8 and 9.
  11. qᴇqᴇrtᴀrʃuᴀq - the big island. Northwest of Matty Island.
  12. kiɳ•ᴀq - the mountain. Here: the lofty island of Kingaq.
  13. ᴀqiϰsgnᴇrto•t - where ptarmigan are abundant. An island south of Matty Island,
  14. kigignᴇrtᴀq - the place that is high. Here: the high land on the northeast side of King William's Land.
  15. ᴇqaluɳmiut - those who live by the trout place. Old Tuneq settlement near a river.
  16. igluligᴀ•rʃuk - the little place with houses. Locality on a peninsula.
  17. sa•t•ɔrtɔ•q - the place with the many flat ones (stones).
  18. agvᴀq - the halved one. A peninsula divided by a bay cutting into it.
  19. sa•t•uᴀrʃuk - the little flat one. A locality in Schwatka Bay.
  20. sa•t•uᴀrʃo•p kaɳᴇrʟua - the bay with the little flat one. The Eskimo name for Schwatka Bay.
  21. ɔrʃɔrtɔ•q - the blubber-abounding one. Here: a bay. Gjøa Harbour. Presumably derives its name from the fact that after the spring hunting the blubber is cached there as winter supplies.
  22. ᴀqiϰsgᴇrto•t - the ptarmigan-abounding ones. Here: two small islands, Hovgaards Islands.
  23. qiunᴀ•q - the place where one can freeze to death. Here: a small island.
  24. qɔ•rqa - meaning unknown. A frequented autumn centre of the salmon fishery.
  25. fasᴇrʃuaq - the big lake. Has an outlet at No. 24.
  26. qeqᴇrtaligᴀ•rʃuk - the one with the many islands. A lake in the interior.
  27. to•kliktɔ•q - the place with the many great northern divers. A small lake.
  28. tunuklᴇq - the hindmost one. Here: a lake.
  29. niaqɔernalik - the place with the head-shaped mountain. A locality near a lake.
  30. tasᴇrsjuᴀq - the big lake.

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About this document ...

  • Written by: Knud Rasmussen
  • Published in: The Netsilik Eskimos: Social Life and Spiritual Culture
  • Published by: Gyldendalske Boghandel
  • Place: Copenhagen
  • Date: 1931
  • Page(s): 99-100
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