Hall interviews Innookpoozhejook regarding cannibalism (1869 May 14)

(Todd's Islet)

Some 4 hours out & In-nook-poo-zhe-jook with me by inst of yest[erday] that he found in the Boat wh [sic] the white men did not find near the one wh they did find he found some long Boots – some that came wh high as the knees & that in some was cooked human flesh – that is human flesh that had been boiled. The boat that McClintock found, was not more than 1∕2 a mile or little more from the other Boat wh In-nook-poo-zhe-jook afterwards found as I judge from the distance In-nook-poo-zhe-jook points out. Both Boats not above the reach of sea as he says.


The Boat that McC. did'nt [sic] find was on the land about a biscuit top distance from the shore so he shows us by a hummock we are passing...

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  • Written by: C.F. Hall
  • Archive: Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washington D.C.
  • Collection: Charles Francis Hall Collection
  • Reference number: ACNMAH 0702, Folder 103, Small Notebook no. 26
  • Date: 1869 May 14
  • Page(s): 1-3
Sunken ship