Franklin Expedition Record [Discovered by Lieut. Hobson at Victory Point, King William Island, on 7 May 1859] (1847 May 28)

28th of May 1847

H.M.S ships 'Erebus' and 'Terror' wintered in the Ice in lat. 70 05' N., long. 98 23' W.

Having wintered in 1846-7 at Beechey Island, in lat. 74 43' 28" N., long. 91 39' 15" W., after having ascended Wellington Channel to lat. 77°, and returned by the west side of Cornwallis Island.

Sir John Franklin commanding the expedition.

All well.

Party consisting of 2 officers and 6 men left the ships on Monday 24th May, 1847.

GM. GORE, Lieut.


[second annotation]

April 25, 1848 - H.M. ships 'Terror' and 'Erebus' were deserted on the 22nd April, 5 leagues N.N.W. of this, having been beset since 12th September, 1846. The officers and crews, consisting of 105 souls, under the command of Captain F.R.M. Crozier, landed here in lat. 69˚ 37' 42" N., long. 98˚ 41' W. Sir John Franklin died on the 11th June, 1847 ; and the total loss by deaths in the expedition has been to this date 9 officers and 15 men.



Captain H.M.S. Erebus.



Captain & Senior Officer.

and start (on) to-morrow, 26th, for Back's Fish River.

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About this document ...

  • Written by: Graham Gore, Charles F. Des Voeux, F. R. M. Crozier, James Fitzjames
  • Archive: National Maritime Museum
  • Collection: HSR ∕ C ∕ 9 ∕ 1
  • Reference number: Repro ID no. D 2184
  • Date: 1847 May 28
  • Page(s): 1
  • Notes: Franklin Expedition Record Victory Point, containing both reports by Gore and Des Voeux and by Crozier and Fitzjames, found by Lieutenant Hobson on 7 May 1859 at 69o38'N; 98o41'W.
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