Sir John Franklin Letter to Lady Jane Franklin (1844 December 31)


31st December 1844

My dearest love,

I have just left Parry and come here to write to you – he had not heard anything more about the Expedition. We developed several points together and I told him the opinions I had formed from the reading of his Melville Island Voyage and that of Wrangel on which he concurred. He also thought that I had better not go to either Beaufort or Barrow until the paper of the latter has been sent to me, but continue my reading of the voyages which I had told him I was doing. We have agreed to talk over the points together as they suggest themselves to me. I could not get down today to Ross.


I return your paper which I copied and sent it with the others to Richardson.


The Times has a short paragraph alluding to the expedition and says it is to be offered to Ross - if he declines the command falls to me. Tomorrow will be the New Year. May it prove to & dear Eleanor, and to all your family circle through the blessing of God, all that you would desire.

Ever yours, Most affly

John Franklin

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About this document ...

  • Written by: Sir John Franklin
  • Written to: Jane Franklin
  • Archive: Scott Polar Research Institute
  • Collection: GB 15 Sir John Franklin/Correspondence
  • Reference number: MS 348/18/7
  • Date: 1844 December 31
  • Page(s): 1-4
  • Notes: Franklin discusses his lobbying senior Admiralty officers for the command of the Arctic expedition
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