Dip Circle (1845-47)

Dip Circle

Created by: Robinson
Archive: National Maritime Museum
Reference number: Object ID no. AAA2125
Date: 1845-47
Notes: A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. A brass dip circle with an iron needle and silver vertical scale by Robinson, 38 Devonshire Street, Portland Place, London. It is fitted with two microscopes (one missing). The instrument is used for measuring magnetic dip. It was found near Ross Cairn, Point Victory, King William Island on 2nd June 1859 by the McClintock Search Expedition 1857-59. The crews of Erebus and Terror landed just to the south of Point Victory after abandoning their ships. The expedition deposited a written record and abandoned many heavy and superfluous possessions including a four-foot pile of unmarked clothes.

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