Pocket Chronometer from the Franklin Expedition (ca. 1845)

Pocket Chronometer from the Franklin Expedition

Created by: Parkinson & Frodsham
Archive: National Maritime Museum
Reference number: Object ID no AAA2203
Date: ca. 1845
Notes: A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-1848. A pocket chronometer number 980 found in an abandoned boat at Erebus Bay, King William Island, in May 1859 by the McClintock Search Expedition 1857-1859. It was issued to HMS 'Terror' in 1845. Lieutenant John Irving wrote to his sister-in-law Kate on 10 July 1845 'I have charge of our chronometers, which are little clocks. I have to wind them up and compare them, and write an account of their goings on - there are ten of them in each ship'.

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