Interview with Tommy Angattitauraq by Dorothy Eber [Regarding the Nelson Takkiruq Story] (2002)

... Nelson was right in this area here [on King William Island]. He was raised around [there]. His story is different, a lot shorter and different. A group of Inuit was camping in this area here [Simpson Strait area] on the sea ice, not far from Ivory Island, south of the island [King William]. I think it might be the same story but from passing on to a different person – everything almost the same. So one time they were a group of hunters, three or four families, they were camping there, seal hunting. They rush home because they fear their women are being stolen by different groups of people, different tribes might be coming to steal their women, and then they noticed that these people were quite strange. And they notice that they were not Inuit people but they were not quite sure so they tried to talk to them. And they were not afraid of them - they were afraid of them but they weren't terrified, so they tried to talk to them. They couldn't talk to them so they tried to trade with them. They wouldn't trade nothing at all, so they decided, we better build them an igloo and then gave them skins because their clothes are soaking wet, and they give them kudluk [seal blubber lamp] to warm up, and themselves, they made them a little fire after [they] gave them the igloo but the smoke was terrible. So we better give them a kudluk so they would warm up, and when the time comes, maybe we can get something from them. And so they did that and tried to feed them. They ate quite a bit but they also gave them two seals' meat (instead of three) so that they could do it themselves. But that night they got together, the Inuit, and took off and never came back to the kablunas. But it could be the same story.

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