History of the County of Middlesex

[ Aerial View of Lucan, 1948, Unknown, University of Western Ontario Archives Historical Tray #4, 1948 ][...] Among the important cases brought before the first Assize Court at London, was the charge of horse stealing against Sovereign or Sovereen, 1827 or 1828. Judge Macaulay sentenced him to death; but the old law which would give the insulter of women only a few days or a few months in the common jail, while sentencing the horse theif to death, was falling gradually into disrepute, and so executive clemency was extended to this terribly vicious poineer.

The first murder case before the Quarter Sessions here was on April 14, 1831, when a bench warrant was issued to the High Constable for the arrest of Jared Sealey for murder. [...] The man murdered was Jonathan Kipp. Owing to the fact that Sealey had friends on the bench, the prosecution of the charges was carried on without spirit, and there is no record whatever to show that the case was ever presented to the Judge of Assize.

[...] The first execution at London was that of Cornelius A. Burley or Burleigh, of Long Point. In 1830, [...] he was charged with larceny. [...]

Source: Unknown, "History of the County of Middlesex, Canada" (Toronto: W.A. and C.L. Goodspeed, 1889). Notes: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives.

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